Own your Own Island? We do.

And a few fortunate people can now join us.

Sunday Island is a privately owned island in Corner Inlet, 10 minutes by boat from Port Albert, in South Gippsland, Victoria. It is owned by Para Park Co-operative Game Reserve Limited and has a permissible maximum of 210 members.

The Co-operative was established in 1965 predominantly for the preservation of Sunday Island as a game management and hunting area, particularly for the endangered (in its native area of India, Nepal and Southern Asia) hog (or para) deer.

Memberships occasionally become available. Now is one of those times.

Most members are interested in deer and deer hunting and in the preservation of native habitat. Many of the members are also keen fishing people. Port Albert and Corner Inlet are popular Victorian fishing spots for all sorts of species, with snapper, whiting, garfish, squid, gummy shark, flounder, and of course the humble flathead, all being prevalent. Some of the best flathead fishing in Australia is available right off the middle of our 400m pier!

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