Aluminium Tents

These are the most common form of  accommodation on Sunday Island. There are currently more than 90 on the island. The tents are approximately 6m x 4m –  about the size of your average single car garage.  The tents are set 7m apart so as to maintain some privacy, and aim to have as little impact on the environment as possible. For new members these are a great way to secure yourself somewhere of your own, as they regularly come up for sale.
Three communal amenities blocks service the tent area providing wood-fired hot water showers and toilet facilities.
Two tents are available for rent to members or their visitors. Rental of accommodation is by ballot for the long weekends.
Standard and Log Cabin Units
There are 5 blocks of units privately owned by members, with each block consisting of 4 to 8 separate self contained motel style units. They are very comfortable and convenient and have their own ensuite facilities.
Reference Centre and Clubhouse
We also have a Reference Centre; our own museum, it is full of interesting information about the island and surrounding area.
The recently renovated Clubhouse  is where we hold regular social events.
It is only possible to reach Sunday Island by boat. We have our own boat, the ‘Yimbala’, for transporting members to and from the island. We also own a small aluminium dingy and a barge which is used for transporting large items.
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